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Watch this Workshop with Jason Horejs, Owner of Xanadu Gallery


Registration for the on-demand workshop is only $59


Xanadu Gallery Owner J. Jason Horejs

25 Years Gallery Experience, 16 years as owner of Xanadu Gallery

Multi-Million $ Art Sales

Workshop presented in over 60 cities

Author of Best-Selling “Starving” to Successful and How to Sell Art

Learn how to confidently and successfully approach galleries in this intensive and interactive online workshop from Xanadu Gallery owner J. Jason Horejs.

Jason has worked with hundreds of artists around the country helping them understand the business side of their careers, as well as helping them prepare to approach galleries successfully. In this four hour, online, recorded workshop, you will learn how to organize your work, identify and share your unique style and vision, and successfully research and approach galleries, along with much more.

This workshop is designed for artists at every level of their careers. Whether you are just beginning, or need to take your art to the next level, learn how to kick your sales into high-gear.

Sculptors, painters, fine-art photographers, fine-art jewelers and fiber artists benefit from the workshop.

This is a great opportunity for you to see the gallery business from the inside, understand how gallery owners select their artists and ask every question you’ve ever had about the gallery business.

This is a recorded  workshop that you can watch at your convenience


Registration for the workshop is only $59


You Will Learn

  • How to create a consistent  body of  gallery-ready work
  • What you should do to present your work in a manner that will appeal to galleries
  • How to price your work
  • How to  organize your work and track your inventory
  • How to best allocate your  marketing efforts and dollars with an eye toward getting into galleries
  • How to build your resume
  • How to pick the best markets for your work and how to find the galleries in those markets that would best suit your work
  • How to confidently approach galleries and what to say when you meet the director or owner

and much more . . .

How the Online Workshop Works

All You Need to Participate

  • This recorded workshop will work on a Mac, PC, Android or iOS device

This is a recorded  workshop that you can watch at your convenience


Registration for the on-demand workshop is only $59


Testimonials From Past Workshop Attendees

I took my portfolio to Aspen and got accepted at the second gallery I walked into! I love your formula – that now makes five galleries successfully secured using your techniques.

Leslie Begert
Austin, TX


Jason — wanted to share the great news: 2 paintings just sold today the gallery in Lexington!
I would not be doing this well if it weren’t for your guidance. And I have hope to keep going for a very very long time! THANK YOU!

Heidi Harner – Indiana


I was going to get an email off to you today, letting you know that I have picked up 2 new galleries (it was very easy, I might ad) once I got my portfolio together, following your guidelines. And, got the note yesterday that one of my pieces sold over the weekend. Thank you for your class—for me it has been very profitable.

My best,
Dinah Ilhe
Salt Lake City


Went to Jackson Hole with my new portfolio (based on your class) and approached 3 galleries the way we practiced. The first one the owner was out and they were friendly, took my portfolio. The second one, the owner was very interested even wanted to see my samples and said she reevaluates her inventory every November and takes on new art at that time and was very interested. I went into a third gallery and she took my work on the spot including the sample raku hawk I had with me. So Yeah! Thanks for the great seminar.

Tammy Bality
Longmont, CO


I am happy to tell you that I have picked up two new galleries since the seminar. One, in Tampa, FL, is offering me a three month solo show next March. The other, in West Linn, OR (a high dollar suburb near Portland), is a brand new gallery under construction, that will open in October. I just dropped off ten paintings there Monday.

So far so good! My goal is to have four-5 galleries by the end of next year representing me, and selling enough that I will have no choice but to quit my day job.

If you decide to open a Seattle gallery, let me know!

Thanks again for your advice and insight. It was very helpful.

Mark Larson
Seattle, WA


This was the most informative seminar I may have ever attended! Very direct, practical, specific information. Took the mystery out of pricing, inventory and what to say.

Traci Parks
Columbus, OH


I just came back from doing a one day invitational art show in Baja Mexico. It was a great success with 4 large pieces sold. The best part is 2 of the pieces were purchased by a gallery buyer from Lake Tahoe (Truckee) for a gallery there . . . She also picked out several more large pieces, which she said she will purchase when she returns to Lake Tahoe, and wanted to see more of my work . . . Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. Never would have made these moves, or understood them without your seminar.
Dan McGeorge –
San Diego, CA


This is a recorded  workshop that you can watch at your convenience


Registration for the on-demand workshop is only $59